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70% secure employment within 16 weeks

The National Employment Council Get Back to Work Now training is a free program with a 70% track record of success. To learn more about how NEC implements this program, view the Theory of Change document.

NEC Theory of Change

Through employment we make a difference

Project Hope

Child Homelessness stemming from Unemployment

Children are effected indirectly when long-term unemployment affects their housing, education and health. Watch Video

Hero to Hire

Employment for every Veteran
Our veterans deserve immediate employment when they are ready to reenter the workforce Read more

Questions and Answers

How Does the NEC Program Get Me Back To Work?
Our Career Coaches are experts at creating employment opportunities. They work with employers in a variety of industries to employ graduates of the Get Back to Work Now program within 16 weeks. After completing the Get Back to Work Now Program, graduates are assigned to a job search assistant charged with the responsiblity to facilitate this process.
Is there a cost?
No. The Get Back to Work Now program is free and open to the public.
How does NEC receive its funding?
The National Employment Council is a non-profit organization and receives its funding from hosted events and donations.

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