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What is a Veteran?

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"Veterans sacrifice their personal goals, dreams and family to preserve the American way of life. Veterans travel to foreign soils and sometimes into hostile territories sacrificing little things we take for granted; celebrating a birthday with the family, or simply relaxing on the porch during a holiday. When they return, it is our duty to ensure their transition to the civilian way of life is seamless." Watch Movie

What is Project From Hero To Hire?


Why is this project important?

Employment does far more than just provide some basic life requirements for the employed. Employment supplies the means to meet our basic needs, promote self-esteem, and provide an avenue for achievement and self-realization.

Affects of unemployment for our Veterans can lead to social and economic consequences. NEC has developed a trademarked system that ensures employment is realized by our Veterans within about 16 weeks. Read More

Empower a Veteran

A Veteran sacrifices his or her goals, dreams and sets aside personal ambitions to preserve our security and the American way of life. When they return, although most acquire important skills while in active duty, being in the Military for an extended period, some lose the edge to compete for civilians jobs. Project Hero to Hire was developed to ensure every Veteran is afforded professional career coaching that leads to employment within about 16 weeks. Read below for steps that lead to employment for our Veterans. Read More

The Challenge for a veteran

The challenge of unemployment today is not one of lacking jobs, but one of finding and communicating to the right job. Applicants today are puzzled by the new job market and feel challenged getting noticed using the same resume they had no difficulty drawing attention to previously. This is especially true for our Veterans. Communicating transferable skills acquired while in the military is a challenge for some service personnel.

Today, although the average employer is eager to fill their open positions, some Veterans remain unemployed for more than 42 weeks. For most, this is because they find it challenging to communicate years of experience and consequently express their years of experience inadequately. We help Veterans communicate their skills so clearly that employers looking for those skills can quickly find them. We accomplish this through the Hidden Step® series and a personal career coach for every applicant.

With over 150,000 Veterans looking actively for employment, the success of this mission is important to every military family.

Veterans make great employees. While in the military, they develop important "soft skills" such as team work, punctuality, leadership, and a wide range of other qualities important to today's employers.

How does it work?

From Hope to Hire step by step
  1. Veterans register

    Veterans register for the Hero to Hire program online or at hosted Workshops.

  2. Free Copy of the Hidden Step© Employment Guide

    Registered Veterans receive a full set of the Hidden Step series.

  3. Free Career Workshop

    Registered Veterans attend Career workshops to learn modern ways of marketing their skills to employers hiring.

  4. Free Job Search Assistant

    A job search assistant is assigned to each applicant to ensure a seamless transition when applying for employment.

  5. Free Job Matching

    Each Veteran is matched to employers hiring in their area.

  6. Employment within approximately 16 weeks

    Sponsored Veteran receives career coaching until employment is secured.

  7. Follow up

    We follow up with each veteran to ensure retention at employment.

    Veterans Register Here

How do Veterans
benefit from this program?

Despite millions of jobs posted online every week, the average job seeker remains unemployed for a record 42 weeks. Some remain unemployed and give up looking entirely.

Employers are hiring!

The challenge of unemployment is not one of lacking jobs, but one of finding and communicating to the right jobs.
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Job Search Engines

The Hidden Step® series and
the career coach

The secret behind the success of each Veteran

career help
Five Simple Steps

Our Veterans follow five simple steps to secure employment within about 16 weeks

Applicants are systematically coached through the Roadmap™, a trademarked system while using the Hidden Step® Series as the guide. Authored by Farhad Omidwar

Read more

The Hidden Step Cover

By supporting a Veteran, your company is giving that veteran a chance to re-enter the civilian workforce seamlessly and self support his or her family after returning from the military service.


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