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Unemployed members of our workforce from every sector of the economy, entry level to executive management, complete a six session class structure that prepares them for the interview process. Sessions are free and when completed, accompany career coaches from NEC who will help graduates from the program to find employment in their respective field. Register for a class

To understand the solution, let's examine the causes of double digit unemployment

1. When months turn into years, discouraged job seekers eventually stop looking and drop from the workforce.

Extended unemployment erodes the self confidence and leads to loss of motivation. The average applicant who feels she has tried everything and nothing is working, eventually stops looking and consequently is separated from her profession, education and ultimately the workforce. To get back, she needs a renewed sense of hope, and proper guidance to find the right employer.

It is our obligation to give every person a chance to restore for their family the American dream.

2. The internet has changed the way job seekers connect with employers

Twenty years ago an employer placing an ad received only a handful of resumes. Today the same employer receives thousands. As employers are overwhelmed with resumes, they rely on talent management softwares to scan through and identify matches. Yet, these systems scan resumes containing an incomplete snapshot of the applicant's background. Most applicants are not trained to properly structure decades of work experience on a resume. Consequently their resumes are inadvertently scanned out by these web based systems. Job seekers unaware of how to fix this disconnect, continue spending hundreds of unproductive hours applying for employment online forwarding resumes to which they receive no responses to. Proper training will help applicants who are puzzled by the new job market to effectively connect with employers needing their skills.

3. Extended unemployment creates a gap that disconnects our workforce from the job market.

As unemployment prolongs, skills fade away and applicants are separated from their profession and education. After years of separation, the impression that the applicant is no longer employable becomes the employer's perspective. You see the adds today everywhere: "Must be employed to apply". Businesses cannot discriminate based on sex, religion or age, but there is a new minority now, the long-term unemployed.

Employment affects everything!

Employment is important to the welfare of our communities and the health of our economy. Employment does far more than just provide some basic life requirements. Employment helps satisfies creative urges, promote self-esteem, and provide an avenue for achievement and self-realization.

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The Solution

The solution is so clear, it is often overlooked. This will immediately restore employment for families within every community. Below are the steps:

1. Enroll unemployed workforce on a six week Get Back to Work Now program

The solution is to guide, step by step, the unemployed members of our workforce towards a career. Today's employment market is unlike any we have ever seen previously. The process we expected applicants to follow (prepare a resume and apply for a job) is no longer sufficient. Finding employment is no longer a two step process. Creating a resume (step one), and applying for jobs using that resume (step two) only blends the average applicant with thousands of others following the same two steps. Although the resume today is an obsolete tool when searching for employment, applicants continue to spend hundreds of unproductive hours applying for jobs online. The solution is a five step process. Within six weeks (one day a week for three hours), applicants learn to use five steps to connect with employers in their field. Each step is accompanied with a guide used as a reference. The guides were written specifically to speed up the job finding process for the graduates of this program. This program is free to all job seekers.

2. Enroll employers to interview the graduates of the program and match graduates with positions

Upon completion of the six week program, applicants who have identified a career path, developed their online marketing material, and have fully prepared to meet the new job market, are assisted with the job matching process. At this stage, job seekers receive help facilitating the interview process. By enrolling employers eager to interview the graduates of this program, applicants waste no time in aligning themselves with a position. Employers will have the option to hire qualified applicants directly from this program or to try-out the graduates as interns. Graduates can choose internship with a company or start to apply to other jobs in their area.

3. Provide a career coach for each graduate until employment is achieved

The success of this program is dependant upon rejecting the "one strategy fits all" ideology and treating each person as individuals. By doing so, we can match each persons marketable skills with open positions offered by employers. This means assigning each applicant to a career coach until employment is realized by the applicant. Learn more about the career coach - Farhad Omidwar

4. Provide this service free to both job seekers and employers

This program is financed by private corporations and businesses committed to improving our communities. View video | View Report

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The Six Week Program

  1. Week One

    Each week consists of a three hour seminar, one guide and a series of assignments to complete during the week. Week one is focused on motivation. Extended unemployment can erode ones confidence and morale. Restoring one's belief is essential prior to searching for employment. During this step, program participants complete eight exercises that produces for each person a revived feeling of energy, enthusiasm and motivation. the Hidden Step series.

  2. Week Two

    Week two focuses on the career path (step two) and the phone interview (step three). Applying for jobs prior to clearly defining the career path is like driving in a car without a destination. 94% of applicants polled at a recent job fair were unsure about the right career path. Yet, resumes are forwarded to employers hoping for the best and without a clear direction. This step creates clarity, a sense of direction and the knowledge to pursue the right employers.

    Step three prepares the applicant for the phone interview. Just 10 years ago the phone interview did not exist. Today it is used as a fast and inexpensive tool to screen out applicants. An unprepared applicant can be eliminated from the process, even if he or she has a stellar resume. Many well qualified applicants are eliminated at this step when they find themselves ill prepared to handle the call. Guide three ensures that the applicant is equipped with the knowledge to turn every phone interview into a face-to-face meeting.

  3. Week Three

    Week three initiates the step to create the promotions material to include the resume. During this week, program participants prepare their online marketing material. This includes social media marketing information and their online & in-person resumes. Program participants learn to package their skills according to their strengths and to focus on areas employers' value.

  4. Week Four

    Week four focuses on completing the online marketing resumes for each applicant and initiates the process of applying online. Program participants learn to use their newly created resumes to apply for jobs online. During this week, program participants also start preparing for the in-person interviews.

  5. Week Five

    Week five completes the process and initiates a complete networking training. This segment includes strategies on both online and in-person networking tactics to help program participants connect with employers in their areas.

  6. Week Six

    Week six is graduation and job matching week. Program participants receive their graduation certificates and are assigned to a career coach who will help facilitate the interview process for the graduates.

  7. Meet with employers

    Graduates from this program meet with employers who have agreed to interview them for a position. Employers choose applicants possessing the skills they need and have the option to hire qualified applicants directly from this program or to try-out the graduates as interns.

The Hidden Step® series and
the career coach

The secret behind the success of each Veteran

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Five Simple Steps

Program graduates follow five simple steps to secure employment within about 90 days

Applicants are systematically coached through the Roadmap™, a trademarked system while using the Hidden Step® Series as the guide.

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